Darby Dale

Darby Dale is a small town 1 day’s travel north of Hallomak Stromm’s house. It is believed that something in the swamps to the west of the town infiltrates the water and leads to a weaker boundary between this reality and the land of dreams. Locals have found that if they say a little prayer before sleeping, nothing that happens in their dreams harms them in real life. Also, for some reason it seems like everyone is named John in the town, but mainly it started as a joke over a children’s nursery rhyme.

Inns The Romping Lion – Located just outside of town to be away from the water source slightly.

Taverns The Cunning Fox – Run by John Jacob.

  • Ye Olde Apothecary – Run by John Johnson.
  • General John’s General Store – General John John.
  • About two miles outside of town, the adventurers came upon a farmer by the name of John whose wagon had been tipped over. They helped collect the chickens and right the wagon. In exchange, the farmer gave them a chicken named Ralph (who claims to be a prince) and offered to pay their room if they stayed at the Romping Lion.
  • During their stay at the Romping Lion, the group had a strange dream in which Tal Lorvas, the necromancer Hallomak needed someone to deal with, was much younger and was seeking revenge on his peers who harassed him. They were able to defeat the creatures Tal sent in his imagined revenge and were able to help the inn keeper determine the source of the dreams that were causing people to stay away from his inn.

Darby Dale

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